Q: Weight? A: Total of 18 kg included bike, engine and transmisson.
Q: Tire? A: 20x1.75 wide kevlar guard, wire bead. Normal tire wear.
Q: Levers? A: One for throttle another one for transmission.
Q: Transmission? A: Automated Direct Drive CVT.
Q: User Manual? A: Click to download.
Q: Wet? A: Works with all weather conditions.
Q: Noice? A: Smilar as a 4 stroke scooter 78.7 dB.
Q: Disengage? A: Suspension lock for regular bike use.
Q: Patent? A: (EP 1,999,007 - US 8,357,072 - JP 4,874,388).


You can adjust the throttle level of the engine by pulling the throttle lever,
If you pulling hard you will get more velocity.

Patented two cables lever for braking,
Front V-Brake and rear U-Brake work in a harmony for reduce to distance of braking.

You can adjust gear ratio by pulling transmission lever,
Pulling lever means high torque if you release the lever spindle moves automatically and inreases the bike velocity.

It is possible to use as a regular bike,
There is a suspension lock for engage or disengage of the engine.


Just pedal to start the engine while applying half-throttle,
When drive is engaged, transmission lever should only be used while in motion.

Pulling lever results in lower bike velocity and higher torque. Release the lever to increase bike velocity.

You can adjust gear ratio according to bike velocity, engine rpm and inclination of the road.


Inflate rear tire 4.5 bar once on a 2 weeks or every tank fill. Also inflate the front tire 4 bar at the same time interval.

Grease guide spindle and axk bearing with Wurth HHS 2000 every tank fill.

There is a 10 tank fill(500 km) break-in process for the engine,
After break-in completed you need to change the engine oil(100 ml) with a 4-stroke engine oil,
Then the period become longer to once every 5000 km. You will get better engine performance after break-in.

If grovees of the spindle fill with a dirt, you need to clean the grooves by using screw driver.

You need to clean the air filter every 500 km period in a warm water bowl,
Then drop one cap of 4-stroke engine oil to the air filter and squeeze.


This is the run of DR1L,
Done non-stop at full throttle in 100 minutes, shows that 0.5 liter tank of gasoline can last for 53 km around the track.

With its patented Direct Drive CVT;
DR1L is capable of 1 liter/140 km fuel economy, achieves 50 km/h straight-line speed, can climb %25 inclines unassisted, 0-50 km/h takes 5 seconds.

DDCVT can alter drive spindle diameter without any delay. Full potential of the engine can be utilised in all conditions.